Websites for Teenagers to Socialize, Play, and Study

If you don’t know where to look, the Internet can be boring even though it’s full of cool websites. A wide selection of social networking websites, video games, and other sites based on teens’ interests are available to teens who want more entertainment online. 

Having a great website can alleviate boredom and make online interactions more convenient.

Fun Websites for Girls

There are many websites for teens, but sometimes teen girls want to connect with other girls. It gives girls a place where they can learn and discuss female health issues, relationships, and other topics that most teen boys would avoid.

Developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides health information for tweens and teens. Girls will also find quizzes, celebrity spotlights, and videos with tips on bullying, relationships, and planning their futures as well as articles on health, fitness, and nutrition.

Girls looking for a place to hang out online will enjoy Girl Zone, a website offering advice, entertainment, and fun for teen girls. Its advice columns cover everything from general life issues and relationships to questions about health and body issues in the Ask Ms. KnowBODY section.

Girl Up

As part of this initiative spearheaded by the United Nations Foundation, girls around the world will be empowered to become leaders. With over half a million youth and adult advocates, the website and foundation promote health, safety, education, and leadership programs for girls around the world. 

Girls can start Girl Up clubs, fundraise for programming, learn about challenges faced by girls, read blogs, and join the community to start chatting and helping.

Sites for Guys

Nonetheless, there are a few websites that help boys overcome boredom or discuss difficult topics from the comfort of their homes.

Young Men’s Health

Young Men’s Health is a website designed by Boston Children’s Hospital to provide information about teen health. Boys can ask questions or review the question of the week for information on uncomfortable health issues. Additionally, they can browse comprehensive health guides in categories ranging from health and fitness to emotional and sexual wellness.

Boys’ Life

Boys’ Life magazine and its website provide fun, ideas, and knowledge to boys aged 7-18 published by the Boy Scouts of America. You can play games, read jokes and comics, learn about the latest outdoor gear, enter a contest, or see some awesome Eagle Scout projects. 

You can find expert advice and outdoor hacks on this website if you love the outdoors.

Teen Sites for Socializing

Teenagers love to socialize. They can do that virtually while playing games, exploring virtual worlds, and taking polls and quizzes on these websites. The teens need to be safe online and report any cyberbullies or other predators while interacting with other teens virtually.


Teenagers can share snapshots of their daily lives on Instagram and share them with friends. According to the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram has around 300 million active users each month. 

There are a lot of photos with short captions on the site. It is required that you be at least 13 years old to create an account; some jurisdictions may have a higher age limit.

Habbo Hotel

The Habbo Hotel is a place where teens can chat. Teenagers receive their own personal rooms to decorate with virtual objects. Besides dressing up their avatars in virtual clothes, they can also create games to play with friends. 

Depending on the features of the room, there may be music, a classroom setup, or other features that allow the avatars to interact. There are adult moderators in the rooms where teens can interact.


In Scratch, teens can program and share stories, games and animations they create using MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Program. Teenagers can join the free online community by creating an username and providing their country, age, gender, and email address. Take a look at other people’s animations, then comment or chat about them, or make your own.

Teen Chat

Teen Chat is a place for teens to interact with one another through forums geared toward their interests. For example, there are chat rooms for those who love anime, for single teens, and for those who’ve just started college. There are also chat rooms devoted to things like music, games and sports. 

Teens can try out the local rooms, which helps them meet people who live in their area. The site offers a “Friend Finder” tool that will help teens search for people they know who might be members as well.

Teen Line

Teens looking for other teens to talk to about problems or embarrassing questions can call, text, email or chat with trained teenage volunteers through Teen Line. The lines of communication are open in the evenings to provide peer support to teens after school. 

With another teenager who understands where you’re coming from, you can discuss everything from gender identity to divorce or depression. 

The message boards also cover lighter topics like fashion and pop culture, health and fitness, and homework help.

Teen Games and Hobbies

Almost every game and hobby has its own website.


TeenReads is a great resource for teens who love to read. On the website, you can read reviews of new and popular books for teens, participate in polls and contests, and discuss your favorite books. On the site, teens can also browse through the “ultimate” reading list.

Teen Nick

On Teen Nick’s website, fans can find information about the latest shows, as well as games, videos, and quizzes. In addition to updates about Teen Nick shows, the site offers features that appeal to teens, such as tips on surviving high school and back to school ideas.

The InSite

Teenagers who are passionate about improving the world are encouraged to participate in the InSite. In addition to learning about social justice, teens can develop a positive self-image and help the environment. Besides submitting artwork and writing, they can also participate in discussions about making the world a better place.

Homework Resources

Teenagers who need help with their homework can find help on several sites. As well as brushing up on skills, they are good sites to visit.

Quiz Hub

Quiz Hub offers quiz games for students, including teens in middle and high school. Students can take quizzes on topics such as biology, U.S. history, middle school math, and SAT vocabulary.

Web Math

Using Web Math, teens who struggle with math can find the answers to challenging questions. The website, however, provides teens with step-by-step instructions instead of simply providing answers.


In just a few minutes, students can learn a variety of topics with TedEd’s fun, animated lessons and how-to videos. By filtering the videos by category, such as Business & Economics, Health, or Mathematics, you can find what you’re looking for. 

Videos usually last about five minutes and explain a specific concept or answer a question like “Why Should You Read Macbeth?”

Teen Fashion Sites

Fashion-loving teens can find the latest fashions online as well as create original designs. For those interested in this topic, there are a variety of sites to choose from.


Teens can express their fashion sense through games on Stardoll. Experiment with different types of fashion by designing outfits or playing dress-up games. 

In addition to offering new fashion lines and other ways to enhance the ultimate experience for teens and tweens, the company consistently produces new and exciting features. 

At Stardoll, there’s always something new to discover.

Teen Vogue

Among the top fashion magazines, Teen Vogue caters specifically to teenagers. Take a look at the latest styles for teens or learn more about celebrity style. Also, teens can enter to win shopping sprees.

Finding Cool Teen Websites

New websites are created every day, and what’s cool with teens changes constantly. Find out what sites your friends visit, search for hobbies or interests, and bookmark favorite sites. Teenagers must remember to stay safe online, especially when interacting with others.

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